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Vicki Bryanton

After 18 years of working in the charitable, not-for-profit world, Vicki became a consultant and free-lance coordinator.

Centred in the beautiful province of Prince Edward Island Canada, her work has carried her all across Canada working on provincial, regional, and national projects.

Since starting out in 2007, her business has expanded to serve charitable organizations, not-for-profit groups, and government agencies.

Whether she is engaged in proposal writing, organization and strategic planning, researching, survey development, or developing processes for educational programming, Vicki is enthusiastic.  She has a unique talent for finding the practical solutions for groups facing change or challenges.

Facing all of life's challenges with intensity, respect, and a sense of humour have carried her along in life and she shares that approach with her clients.

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A special thanks to Victoria MacPhail, Natasha Juntermanns, Donnalee Downe, and Janet McTague for the use of their beautiful photos.

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