What I heard from clients

If only...we could get that piece of work done.

If only...we could get that proposal written.

If only...we had a plan.


What I offer

Practical solutions for your planning and project needs.


  History & Growth

Sometimes all you need is the right information gathered together and presented in the right way to carry you to that next level. But who has the time for those shortterm projects and the experience to make it successful?

I became that resource person I was always seeking.  I have the background and can take on those shortterm tasks with ease.

  Seeing Past the Obstacles

Fresh insight and a new approach are often all that is needed to see past the things that appear to be obstacles to your organization's success.

The answers you seek are often within your own resources - you just need to be able to see them as resources.  And when the resources are just not there, I can help you find the resources you need.

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Vicki Bryanton's Practical Solutions


Organizational Planning and

Special Projects Management


road ahead by Donnalee DowneSometimes half the fun is in the journey along the path and the detours life throws your way - at least that's the way I like to see it.

Planning your organization's future doesn't have to be a painful process.  I can help you define the direction you need to take and have some fun along the way.

And I can provide the support to get your organization to that next level.